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Logo design from professionals. Corporate identity design, company logos, business card designs.
  LOGO is a marketing communication material, representing your company from your business cards to promotional brochures, or a nationwide broadcasted TV commercial. You need a LOGO with sophistication and elegance. Here, a profes-
sional designer can help you with your LOGO.
      BANNER is a mostly 468X60 pixel sized little colorful box, which brings traffic daily to your web site from someone else's site. A good BANNER is outstanding, includes your logo design and promotional slogan to urgent new customers to choose your products or services. Click here to view our gallery!
      An ANIMATED GIF usually contains 2 or more frames that are played back in a sequence by an Internet browser or an other program capable of displaying animated GIF-s. They can be used as Banners, or as a flashing arrow, or to direct attention on a web site. Click here to see our gallery!            
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Logo design from Unicorn Our philosophy is to create eye-catching, unique logo designs in short time to keep our prices affordable. Designers at Unicorn Multi-Media, Inc. are dedicated to keep the guidelines at: Using original artworks only, and unique design elements. Professional logo design -- We know art.

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  Vectorize, convert or manipulate images and logos in any manner. Free quotes.


  Mascot or character design. Bring Your Brand Alive!  
Get your new logo now!
The most affordable logo design available! Start with only $99 down payment. For this price you'll have:
• The first three logo designs in 72 hours
• Unlimited alterations of your logo
• 100% Customer Satisfaction - Meaning: we will work on your logo
until you are completely satisfied!
• High quality (vector) image formats for printing. Adobe Illustrator files.
• Bitmap image formats optimized for use on websites
Please take a look at our logo portfolio 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13!

How does it work?
We have a low price of $199.00 for all new logo designs. First we request a $99.00 down payment, and then $100.00 upon complete satisfaction of the final Logo design. Multiple orders may receive a discount rate. Our motto: we will work on your order until you are completely satisfied.

Logo Design for Blue Iguana Cafe       To learn more about the order process click here.
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WE LOVE TO DESIGN LOGOS. This is why we have so many satisfied customers.

Don't forget: If you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will give your money back!

"My wife and I are very impressed and happy with the logo designs. We are partial to the 3rd logo design as it has both a commercial element and playfulness to it. We particularly like the chicken character... "
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Logo Design types
There are mainly four types of logo designs which include Glyph, Alpha-Glyph, Alphanumeric, and Combination. Deciding which is best for your company’s image may be a hard choice especially if you do not understand what the difference is between the logo types.

How to Choose a Logo Design
Whether you are creating your own logo design or you are using a professional you want your logo to stand out and say something about your business.

A logo design can be used for your website, for banner exchanges, for print on business cards, t-shirts, and coffee cups. You will need to ensure that the logo design will be able to work on each of these items with a quality appearance. It is always best to seek a professional that can create your logo design that will be perfect for all aspects of your company.

     Logo Design, Corporate Identities, Business Cards, Web Logo Design, Trademarks, Invoice Design
Brand Enhancement, Web Optimised Logos, Letterheads, Web Banner Designs at affordable rates

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