Smartwatches and wearable tech have been on the rise for the last few years, and they’re probably not going to decrease in popularity anytime soon.

The reason why we’re so obsessed with these devices is that they can measure and track our health and fitness for us, alert us about any notifications from our smartphones, and do so much more. But what should you look for in a smartwatch? It all depends on what your needs and wants are. Some people only want one to help them track their sleep while others want it to be an extension of their smartphone.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most popular smartwatches and what you should think about before buying one.

Apple Watch Series 4

The most recent smartwatch from Apple is the new Series 4. The watch was released in 2018, and has already gained popularity among some of the largest tech bloggers. The watch comes in many different colors, and in two types of models: GPS and Cellular. Some may say that the watch is a bit pricey – however, the technology it offers makes it better than other smartwatches in the same price range.

With this watch, you’ll have a health monitor, an activity tracker, and pretty much everything you need on your phone. Apple says that this watch is, “fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to help you be even more active, healthy, and connected.” This watch gives you an EKG-tracker and a sleep tracker, among other possibilities. Apple also cooperated with Nike and Hermés, where they made their own collection of designs.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has designed watches for all purposes, and it’s latest addition is the Galaxy Watch Active. This watch can automatically detect up to six exercises, has a sleep tracker, heart monitor, and is a slim watch – perfect for the ones who’d like their smartwatch to look like a regular watch.

You can use the watch to schedule events, set a reminder or timer, and sync your phone with it. You can also make a payment from it. Samsung says that this watch even advises you on how to be healthier. And the best part is (compared to the Apple Watch) is that it is compatible with both IOS and Android!

Garmin Vivoactive

Yet another active smartwatch – but let’s be honest – that is why most people buy smartwatches today. We want to be able to track our health as well as staying connected. And with the Garmin Vivoactive, you get a smartwatch and a fitness tracker with a nice looking design. This is an ultrathin smartwatch that has a GPS-tracker and a fitness tracker. It can be paired up with your smartphone so that it alerts you once you get any notifications on your phone.

This watch can be set to a tracker mode and a watch mode. Save battery by having it in watch mode when you don’t need it to do anything else.

Nokia Steel HR

Nokia (or Withings) has taken up the fight on the smartwatch market and developed a slick looking watch that doesn’t really resemble the typical smartwatch. The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid watch has a heart rate monitor, a long lasting battery, a fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and smartphone notifications. This watch is perfect for the ones who want something similar to the Garmin Vivoactive, but want it to look even more like a regular watch. This is also a smartwatch in the lower price range compared to the Apple and Samsung watches. It does, however, provide you with everything you need in a smartwatch.

Now, which smartwatch person are you? Do you need it all, or do you just want a fitness tracker? Either way, four watches are perfect competitors and give you the best of both worlds.