During its annual developer conference F8 on the 30th of April, Facebook unveiled their new directive : “The Future is private”.

The American company is well known for the recent problems they had to face due to private information of their users leaking on internet. These controversies lead Facebook to completely change their priorities and think about new products.

A Brand New Messenger App

The first big feature is a completely redesigned Messenger app. Mark Zuckerberg introduced an app 7 times smaller than its actual size, and 2 times faster. Knowing the size of the app on iOS, it will be a great news for iPhone users.

Indeed, the app is currently one the biggest you can download compared to other leading messaging ones.
We can see this new Messenger “later this year”, no exact date has been unveiled by the Facebook team.

We can also count on a Messenger app for MacOS and Windows, with phone and video calls. Something that we could have seen earlier, knowing the influence of Facebook Messenger on the market now.

The Facebook App Completely Redesigned

The classic blue Facebook we all know is about to say goodbye to promote a minimalist white version, on mobile app and desktop browser. We can also count on a much faster loading time. The platform seems to contain more javascript, making it much more dynamic and smooth.

The social media wants to connect its users more than ever, and it starts with a brand new feed. Groups and events are being much more visible, and it’s made to make you discover new activities around you and meet new people.

A new functionality called “Meet new friends” is going to be released on this new version, to help you discover new people living around you, especially with people who are in the same group as you.

An interesting feature is the one called “Secret Crush” which allows you to finally approach that boy or girl you have a crush on. To benefit from that, you’ll have to be registered on Facebook Dating, and select friends up to 9 profiles. The other person will get a notification saying that an unknown user likes him or her. If he/she selects you back, both will know the name of each other.

More Facebook Stories Coming

Matching the new identity of Facebook, it seems logic that Facebook will go further in the usage of stories.

We will be able to custom even more stories and add new content to it such as stickers and other elements. Concerning Instagram, a new feature called “Create” will offer the possibility to have a shortcut to publish new stories.

New Oculus, VR Is In The Game !

One of the products introduced by Facebook during this conference concerns the new Oculus Rift S (for gaming) and Oculus Quest (completely independent).

You can already pre-order them for 449€ each, and they will be delivered on the 22th of May.