In Canada, Instagram is trying to hide the likes counts on published pictures. The goal is to decrease the constant pressure of more likes on every post published and help the user to focus more on his or her own experience with the platform.

This experiment is following the recent redesign of the profile page in order to make the followers section smaller. The company is aware of the impact of numbers on users: Indeed, wouldn’t it be more comfortable to not always have this struggle of checking how many likes your recent post gained? There is a whole psychologic experiment behind what Instagram is doing right now and it could be interesting to see the results in the next months of user relations with the social media.

The platform never stops to gain more and more users over the years and the content has never been so diversified on the app. You can basically find anything you like on it now and it has become so big that it’s used as a “blog” for people. Influencers are omnipresent on Instagram and this recent experiment could be interesting to see the impact on their activity.

The Facebook-owned company launched this new Canadian version alongside with Facebook F8 conference and it makes sense knowing that Facebook wants its users to feel better with the social media they use and concentrate more on sharing contents and enjoy more their journey through the app.

Help Instagram Become Less Toxic for People

The anxiety that comes behind small numbers is a real struggle for some people and Instagram is aware of that. The development team announced new functionalities that will soon be introduced in the app

“Away Mode”

To help users take a break from the app without having to disconnect the app or delete their account, this new feature is set to make the platform less oppressive and allow you to focus more on yourself at a certain time of your life rather than think about how they look on their profile.

“Manage Interactions Mode”

This feature will allow the user to manage the relations he has with people on the app, reduce how many persons interact with them, for exemple to remove the ability for a user to comment your posts or send a DM, but he can still add a Like. This is meant to reduce the usage of the “block” function.

Reduce Bullying

A new function will help to reduce harassment and bullying on commentary section. It is more likely to work when you’re about to comment something hurtful, not respectful. It sounds like it will be sort of a pop-up message before the comment is about to be published to alert you of what you’re writing.

A Better Usage of Social Medias

All these new features will for sure be welcomed on the platform, knowing the amount of harassment and negative things we can see on the app. It will also be pleasing for users to see that Facebook and Instagram seems to care more than ever about their users and protect them from abusing of social medias in addition of feeling safer on it.