In March 2019, Tesla and Elon Musk announced that they are going to start the production of their newest member Model Y in 2020.

This model is going to have many similarities to its older brother, the SUV Model X, but Musk says that this car is going to feel like a sports car more than what its brother does. It’s going to have a driving range up to 540 KM and go from 0-100 KM/h in 3,7 seconds.

Model Y is also designed for families, as you’ll have the option to put in seven seats! Want to know more about Tesla’s new baby? Read on.

Safety First

As Tesla’s previous models, the Model Y is also built for safe driving. It’s designed to be the safest vehicle in its class with impact protection in the front, rigid structure, crumple zones and a low center of gravity. The design contains a combination of steel and aluminum, which ensures maximum safety in every area.

Tesla claims that their cars are designed to be the safest cars in the world, and they do so by combining passive safety, active safety and automated driver assistance. They even say that these are crucial for keeping drivers and other drivers on the road safe.

For maximum safety, the Model Y is going to have:

  • A safe design
  • Automatic Emergency Breaking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Obstacle Aware Acceleration
  • Autopilot

Tesla says that they can improve the safety of their cars and their products by constantly providing recent and better updates, and by providing safety data to their drivers.


The Model Y is similar to previous models, but like the Model 3, this one is also going to cost a little less than the Model X and S, making it more available for people to get their hands on a Tesla car. The Model Y is going to be available in four different spec models:

  • Performance
  • Standard Range
  • Long Range RWD
  • Long Range AWD


The Model Y Performance is going to be the best sports car in its class, according to Musk. It’s going to have an acceleration of 3,7 seconds from 0 to 100 KM/h, 20” performance wheels, a top speed of 241 KM/h, and all-wheel drive. It’s going to have a driving range of 480 KM, and a supercharger possibility, where you can charge your car and get another extra range in just 15 minutes.

Long Range AWD

The Model Y Long Range AWD Dual Motor is an all-wheel drive with a range of 505 KM, an acceleration of 5,5 seconds from 0 to 100 KM/h, a top speed of 217 KM/h, and with 18” or 19” wheels.  

Long Range RWD

The Long Range RWD has a range of 540 KM and is a rear-wheel drive. It has a top speed of 209 KM/h and accelerates from 0-100 KM/h in 5,8 seconds. It comes with 18” or 19” wheels.

Standard Range

The Standard Range is the “slowest” and with the lowest range. It has a top speed of 193 KM/h, a range of 390 KM, and an acceleration of 6,3 seconds from 0-100 KM/h. It’s also a rear-wheel drive, and it’s going to be the model of Model Y which is going to be the cheapest.

They all have a 15” touch screen, premium interior, in-car Internet streaming, glass ceiling, LED fog lamps, supercharging, and can be ordered with an extra row of seats making seating for up to 7 adults, and a cargo volume of 1,9 m3.

Interested in knowing more? Read about the specs on Tesla’s websites.

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