It’s the dawn of a new console generation. The next flagships from Playstation and Xbox will set sail this fall. How powerful are they?

The build-up to this generation has been a weird one. We knew very little for a very long time, and there are still lots of missing pieces. What are the exact release dates? How much will the consoles cost? 

What we do know is that the PS5 and Xbox X Series will be much more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. This will surely affect the way games are made. Better hardware means more possibilities.

So, let’s have a look at them. Is it worth a buy?


The PS5 is supposed to drop this Christmas. It will have an all-digital edition and one standard edition. An SSD station has replaced the old hard drive. It’s allegedly so fast that games you have installed will load immediately. 

A fast SSD will enable you to jump in and out of games with less effort. It should also eradicate loading screens. However, games constantly get better and heavier. How this will affect loading times in the coming years, is unknown. 

Ray tracing technology will create each ray of light individually. This will simulate light and shadow better and make for more immersive game worlds. There will also be 4K, even 8K, 120 Hz and HDR – all of which would enable more details and smoother animations. 

Xbox X Series

The two consoles are fairly similar. The Xbox X Series also has an SSD – at 1 TB. The SSD on the PS5 is at 825 GB. Both will have a memory of 16 GB.

There are some differences between the two. The Xbox X Series will have a CPU of 3.8 GHz, while the PS5´s CPU will be at 3.5 GHz. Moreover, the Xbox will be able to deliver 12 teraflops of computer performance, while the PS5 delivers 10.4 teraflops. 

You can have a look at Laptop Mag´s comparison between the two consoles if you want to know more. In terms of both specs and performance, Laptop Mag says that the Xbox X Series is the winner. Yet, this is based on how the two consoles look on paper. How much actual difference there will be, is still unknown. 

Which one should you buy?

There are still many unanswered questions about the consoles. They’re almost equally powerful, with Xbox having a slight edge. Still, Playstation has many brilliant studios and video game series under their wing. This might give them a slight advantage in terms of content.

What will they cost? We still don´t know. However, you can pre-order the PS5 for around $1’220 at some online stores. This is quite expensive, at least compared to the last generation.

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Are you ready for the new consoles?

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